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Type: super fancy like a sir Española food

Address: Ave. Roosevelt 352 Hato Rey, PR

Kids: yes because its super cool to go to a medieval castle without booking a flight to Spain

Parking: yes

Price: plus $50

Food: try the paellas that there super specialty

Service: 5 stars, not one of these places that you say well that went down the drain; the have outstanding waiters, excellent for activities but expensive and worth it

Food: just one word PAELLA. they have other things like breakfast and really tender meat.

Comments: i have gone here twice and by invitation of friends and family. the first time was at my neighbor’s quinceañero and today with my dad who is in support of the next candidate for governor of the PPD (popular/ democratic party) yes i shook his hand and it was totally cool; its true what they say that he is a down home country family comes first kind of guy. anyways…make a reservation with time it gets full despite it being pricey.

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