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Cien Vinos

Type: Spanishaddress: suchville mallParking: limitedPrice: $30-50 per personKids: yesService: They area small restaurant that has a wine cellar with special wines that you can drink while eating or take home. The restaurant does get full past 7:30-8pm so get here early or make reservations. The service is great, they know the menu from top to bottom, know what to suggest if its your first time, and also help you out picking the wine. if you explain your allergies they will take them into consideration. The restaurant has a relaxed environment inside and outside. they also have a little corner where you can buy stuff. The place is located in a small mall with limited parking but its worth the trip. The mall also has other restaurants, cafes, and shops that you can go and enjoy during the day. It has mexican, asian, clothing and accessories, coffee shop, antique shop, and much more.Food: they have tapas and regular dishes, but I suggest you go with tapas or share the regular dishes so can try everything. We tried the octopus which was made to perfection with garbanzo beans that where delicious. They also make this dish spicy if you want. We also tried the new york stake with home fries. the meat was tender, well cooked and seasoned with crispy fries. Also I suggest to try the spicy potatoes, lobster risotto and salmon. Also try the chocolate stuffed souffle with ice scream, my family tired it and they said it was good.

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